How To Deposit



FXRALLY offers users a multitude of payment solutions to enable clients to quickly and safely deposit funds into investment accounts through the Deposit Portal. 

Once a live account has been set up, funding is as simple as few simple steps and verifying compliance information. 

Open the deposit portal, select a method of deposit, enter the payment details and within a short period a verification email will be sent to confirm the deposit has been credited to the client investment account.

Card/Debit Card

The swiftest way to fund your FXRALLY account today is a through the use of a debit or credit card. 

FXRALLY accepts Visa, Mastercard as possible options through the FXRALLY secure payment platform. 

Payments are typically credited to the account on the same day as the transaction after client compliance has been approved.

Bank Wire Transfer

For clients wishing to deposit larger sums, bank wire transfer is an effective way to invest without having to rely upon the use of a credit card. 

Transfers can take between 2-7 business days depending on the banks geographic location and FXRALLY can accept transfers in USD, GBP, and EUR. Once a copy of the swift confirmation has been received by a member of the Finance Team, funds can credited to the account and trading may commence.

Alternative Payment Solutions

New streamlined payments solutions are constantly evolving and being developed across the globe to assist with transferring funds expediently with limited processing fees. 

In order to best meet the needs of an array of clients, FXRALLY accepts payments from UpayCard and Moneynet. These systems help protect the identity and ensure the confidentiality of client financial detail

Third Party Payments

FXRALLY does not accept third party payments under any conditions in accordance with the commitment to anti money laundering provisions and regulatory transparency. 

Only account holders may deposit to fully compliant client accounts and no third party will be permitted to deposit on behalf of the account holders under any conditions.