How To Withdraw



FXRALLY account holders benefit from an intuitive and straightforward client portal that streamlines account activities and withdrawals.

Client withdrawals are as simple as clicking on Withdraw Funds button, filling out a brief form detailing the account number, amount to be withdrawn and the withdrawal method.

A confirmation email will be sent to document the transaction for client record-keeping purposes.


Depending on the withdrawal method, whether credit card, wire transfer, or alternative payment method, the time for processing and sending funds can take between 5-10 business days. 

In certain cases, depending on the payment solution, fees may be applied. Please contact your FXRALLY Associate for more details.


In order to comply with anti money laundering provisions, FXRALLY returns client funds to the origin of said funds. 

All withdrawals transactions see payments directed towards the method of deposit delivery.


Credit card transactions will see funds returned to the credit card. 

Bank wire transfers will be returned to the same bank account, and alternative payment solutions will be sent funds in kind.


Please note, accounts with open positions will be prevented from withdrawing if they cannot meet certain margin conditions.
A withdrawal that results in a margin call for a client account is prevented by applying these additional risk management measures.